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Oi goumenisses is not only a simple cottage industry, it is also the fertile land; the pure ingredients; the value of tradition; and last but not least, the skilled hands that show artistry when cooking. Furthermore, oi goumenisses is also the professionalism, the vision, and the fresh ideas.

In 2000 oi goumenisses set up the workshop, in order to reproduce all the savouries that they loved in their childhood. To achieve this, oi goumenisses enrich the recipes with everything that their grandmothers taught them: carefully selected raw materials but also the art and love for what they are doing! All these raw materials; thus seasonal fruits and vegetables; sheep’s milk; and eggs, come from local producers and they are homegrown. These are the ingredients which become the object of oi goumenisses job and they finally produce the spoon sweets and the homemade marmalade; the sauces and the traditional Greek pastas, called “chilopites” and “trachanas”.

Given the fact that oi goumenisses products are not mass-produced, their production starts in May when the land is in full bearing, and it ends in February, so that there is sufficient product stock for the whole year. They cook and produce the goods in a traditional way. After that, they pack them carefully and safely, free from preservatives and substitutes. Goumenisses are all for the good taste and the nutritional value of the traditional greek cooking, and they expect that their products will contribute to your well-being.