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Ippolito is Pavlina Papailiopoulou’s personal collection of accessories and bags. It was born in October 2009, and is the culmination of a series of experiences and inspirations.

It all began in 1982 in the Centre of Athens. Pavlina was born and raised in Plaka, in the house of Ippolito, a creative architect. As a little girl she was drawn to colors and shapes, and was only interested in drawing - marking every surface in site. In the year 2000, 18-year old Pavlina left Athens for Reading, England to go and study Fine Arts and History of Art. After graduating, she returned home for a short while in 2004. While searching for an outlet to express her creavity, she began to work on a series of embroidered T-shirts. This sparked her interest in Fashion Design, and led to her next adventure abroad. This time she left for Milan to go study Fashion Design at the Instituto Marangoni. A year later, Pavlina went to work for Tomas Maier’s creative team at Bottega Veneta, as a junior designer. From Milan itself, and Bottega Veneta in particular, she began to learn the ropes of the fashion industry. In April 2007, Pavlina decided it was time to take what she had learned and seek new inspirations. For this she packed her bags and set off for the Big Apple and Big Ben, where she worked on a series of small freelance projects. In January 2009, Pavlina decided it was time to return home and bring together the lessons and experiences she accumulated across the world in her own line.

Ippolito’s essence is high quality timeless shapes. But most of all, Ippolito is about attention to detail.