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Ladi Biosas The company

The name Ladi Biosas (in Greek  "Λάδι Βιώσας"), which means Olive Oil Sustainability-Experience. Ladi Biosas is Nikolaidou - Tsaoussi's family company and the brand name was established and created in 2010 in Greece. Nevertheless, the company's olive oil was sold by the family's grandparents to wholesale for almost 100 years. The high premium extra virgin olive oil Ladi Biosas, is 100% Greek, very pure and unfiltered and is produced in family's olive groves without the use of pesticides and fertilizers in the virgin mountain slopes of Kefalovryso in the area of Kalamata-Peloponnesus in Greece. The variety of olives used for the Ladi Biosas high premium extra virgin olive oil is the Koroneiki, which gives to the family's olive oil an exquisite quality and unique benchmark and organoleptic properties such as great aroma and pure taste. Koroneiki variety is mainly cultivated in the Messinia state and produces one of the finest olive oil for this reason this superior variety, makes Ladi Biosas high premium extra virgin olive oil unique and special. 



Olive oil & Philosophy

Ladi Biosas is following the Epicurean Philosophy, which is based on the respect of the mild growth of nature and differentiates from the modern way of food production. Company's philosophy towards life is to live well, to enjoy the simple things in life but most important, is to enjoy sitting down around a table with friends and family, to eat and delight in each other’s company.The cultural aspect of eating and drinking illuminates the fundamental part of human life in art. For this reason the company decided that this superb Olive Oil should be in a special package that will reflect art in its best. The family of Ladi Biosa is very proud because they created a product that is handmade and they enjoy the satisfaction of art creation by using the best aspects that Biosa Olive Oil can give and inspire. Biosa olive oil is bottled in a glass bottle of 700 ml and 250 ml and the top is closed with a natural wooden tab (custom- made in Korinthos,Greece for the company). Due to the limited production, which makes Biosa Olive Oil very special, each bottle is been numbered with a stamp. The etiquette of the bottle is been design with the supervision of the well known internationally, woodcut and lithograph artist, Katsoulidis Takis. Each Bottle has his signature.It is packaged in carton boxes in the quantity of six bottles per box, very well secured in order to prevent breakage during transportation.


 Each Ladi Biosas bottle reflects words such as: Purity, Quality, Taste, Nature, Senses, Life, Exclusive, Epicurean Philosophy, Enjoyment, Art Reflection and Sharing.